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New material industry standardization three-year plan releas

In order to implement the “12th Five-Year” development plan for the new materials industry and do a good job in standardization of the new materials industry, on July 5, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the full text of the “Three-Year Action Plan for Standardization of New Materials Industry”.
   The goal of the plan is to complete the work of 200 key standards revision and revision by 2015, launch and launch 300 new material standards development, carry out 50 key standards pre-study, and strive to cover 400 key new projects proposed in the 12th Five-Year Plan. Material products basically form important technical standards systems that are urgently needed in the development of key areas, with innovative achievements and international standards.
   One of the key tasks required by the plan is to increase the standard revision and revision of key new materials, including the development of special rubber and special additives such as butyl rubber, engineering plastics and products such as polyamide, and batteries. A number of key product standards such as diaphragms, optical functional films, special separation membranes and components, environmentally friendly coatings and functional chemicals. In the field of high-performance composite materials, we have developed and improved high-performance fiber standards such as carbon fiber and basalt fiber, and accelerated the development of standards for fiber-reinforced composite materials. In the frontier new materials, the focus is on nano-powder materials, graphene, biomaterials and products, smart materials and other products, complete the development of five key new material standards, propose 10 key standards development plans, and carry out 30 standard pre-studies. Closely follow the development trend of international new material technology standards and make standard layouts in advance.