Nanjing Rongan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Human Resources Department

         Welcome to visit the website of Nanjing Rongan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. for recruitment information, we are very honored for your arrival, and we sincerely invite you to join Rongan. In order to let you quickly understand the company's application requirements, please read the application instructions carefully.
(1) Application method: Send the resume to the company's recruitment email. The unified format of the email subject is “name + application position”, and the human resources department will notify the interviewer who meets the requirements, email:
(II) Application time: After receiving the company's interview notice, the applicant will come to the company for interview before the interview day (Monday to Saturday). Other non-reserved personnel will not be accepted at other times.
(3) Application materials: Applicants must bring along the original ID and photocopy of the ID card, academic certificate, degree certificate, professional technical (skill) qualification certificate and other relevant documents (1 copy), and personal resume (1 copy). The resume will not be refunded.
(IV) Place of application: Human Resources Department of Nanjing Rongan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
(5) Contact information: Please contact the Human Resources Department if you have not done so. Contact: Mr. Zhou
          Company Address: 2nd Floor, Zhixin Technology Building, No. 15 Xinghuo Road, Jiangbei New District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
          Postal code: 210044 Tel: 025-57080386 E-mail: