Vinyl silane



Product brand:RA-171

CAS NO.:2768-02-7

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  • Description
Product Code: RA-171
Chinese Name: 乙烯基三甲氧基硅烷
English Name: Vinyltrimethoxysilane
Synonyms: (Trimethoxysilyl)ethylene;
Chemical Structure:
  • CAS:2768-02-7_????????????????°§????????·???????????????

Formula: C5H12O3Si
Molecular Weight: 148.23
EINEC: 220-449-8
Physical and chemical properties
Bp: 217ºC
Water Solublity:  Soluble
Refractive Index: 1.3915-1.3935
Fp: 22ºC
Density: 0.9718


1. This product is modified by grafting into the polymer backbone to modify the polyethylene and other polymers, so that the side chain of the polymer has a trimethoxysilyl group as the active point of warm water crosslinking.
The advantages of polymer crosslinking are:
1) Better maximum operating temperature
2) Reduce polymer decomposition during creep
3) Improve chemical resistance
4) Excellent resistance to pressure cracking
5) Improve wear resistance
6) Improve impact strength
7) Memory characteristics (shrink film and tube).
Where silane crosslinks are superior to radiation crosslinks or peroxide crosslinks are:
1) Low equipment investment
2) Low production costs
3) High productivity
4) Diversity of processing technology
5) Suitable for various thicknesses and complex shapes
6) Large processing process latitude (control premature crosslinking)
7) Suitable for filled composite materials
8) Suitable for polyethylene and copolymers of all densities

End use:
In the extruder, the product can be grafted to the polyethylene backbone by the action of a peroxide initiator. The grafted polyethylene can be formed into shaped products such as cable jackets and insulation, pipes or other extruded and molded articles, which is the second extrusion process. The molded product is finally finished by warm water crosslinking.

5L, 10L, 25L, 200L PE drum or 1000L IBC container. Customized service is acceptable. Please specify when order.